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Washington Mills is one of the world’s largest producers of abrasives and fused mineral products, offering an exceptionally wide line of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals from its worldwide multi-plant locations
We manufactures and distributes a wide range of products in many different grains and powder sizes, many as fused materials from an electric arc fusion process or Acheson furnace technology. The fusion process transforms raw materials such as bauxite and silica sand into materials such as aluminum oxide and silicon carbide with properties that make them valuable in hundreds of different applications.
Washington Mills’ fused minerals can be found in industries and applications such as advanced ceramics, coatings, mass finishing, photovoltaic, aerospace, cosmetics, medical devices, precision cutting, automotive,electronics , metal finishing pressure blasting, bonded & coated abrasives, investment cast, mining refractory, buffing compounds, iron & steel, nuclear, surface preparation, ceramics, laminates, oil & gas, thermal sprays, clean energy, lapping, paint, and wiresawing.
The natural properties of our materials coupled with our proprietary manufacturing processes and fusion expertise make our materials highly effective in many different applications such as anti-skid, hot strength, piercing, sharpening, blasting, insulating, polishing, slicing, burnishing, grinding, precision cutting, surface preparation, chemical stability, metal finishing, profiling, thermal shock resistance, cutting , metal separation, sanding, thermal stability, deburring, neutron absorption, scale removal, and wear-resistance.

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