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The Abrasive Group is defined by eons of experience and fine-tuned service to industrial abrasive markets with state-of-the-art products.
The company was founded 1970 by a sales supervisor from a major grinding wheel manufacturer with conviction that superior products come from independent, specialty abrasive manufacturers. Drawing from 50 manufacturers today, The Abrasive group supplies bonded and coated abrasives, superabrasives and diamond tooling throughout North and South America as well as Europe

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  • resin,vitrified, metal bond and electroplated products
  • plastic, resin, and epoxy bonded wheels and segments for cutlery and industrial knife industries
  • vitrified bonded for precision grinding with wheel diameters up to 54" wheels
  • segments in most standard configured shapes and sizes
  • nut inserted discs
  • mounted wheels in A, B, and W shapes
  • reinforced cut off blades for foundry and weld shop applications
  • coated abrasives including conventional belts, sheets and rolls as well as specialty products
  • non woven abrasive discs, pads, belts, wheels and specialty items
  • superabrasive wheels, mandrels, core drills, cloth,and slicing blades
  • superabrasive powders and compounds
  • dressing tools
  • floor and bench stand reinforced and non-reinforced snagging wheels
  • products designed for mold & die finishing, tool room dressing and sharpening
  • tools specifically for composite materials

  • The Abrasives Group, 11037 W. Derby Ave.Wauwatosa, W I 53225, phone 800/236-2626, fax 414/463-0463, e-mail:tag1@abrasives1 .com

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