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  • Superabrasives
    • Industrial Diamond - synthetic and natural
    • CBN Superabrasive Powders and Products
  • Techniques to bond and apply engineered superabrasives.
  • Manufacturing technology to manufacture vitrified bond superabrasives. (see image on right)
    • Production grinding,
    • Polishing
    • Finishing,
    • Honing,
    • Sawing,
    • Cutting,
    • Dicing
  • Applications and methods for
    • Ceramics
    • Tungsten Carbides
    • Steel,
    • Super Alloys,
    • other difficult-to-cut materials

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We use the highest quality, most cost competitive superabrasive products from the world over and customize them for optimum use and lowest overhead. And, we pass the savings on to our customers!

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