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  • Precision Grinding by Victor Repp link

    249 pages by CRC Press. Edited by Ohmori, Marinescu, and Katahira
    The only book on this important finishing methods for advanced materials. A resource covering the basics of the technology, applications and case histories. Details

    bkmal2cvr.jpg - 47725 Bytes GRINDING TECHNOLOGY 2nd EDITION

    372 pages by Industrial Press. Edited by Stephen Malkin and Changsheng Guo
    The best professional book on the use of bonded abrasives now updated and revised Details


    416 pages published by William Andrews. Written by prominent British researcher W. Brian Rowe, this work focuses on what is known about applications of bonded products in industry. Details

    bkblstcvrs.jpg - 47725 Bytes BLAST CLEANING TECHNOLOGY

    540 pages published by Springer and written by Andreas Momber. A thoroughly researched compilation of knowledge on material removal and surface finishing using high velocity loose abrasives. Details

    bkgrdwhcvrs.jpg - 47725 Bytes HANDBOOK OF MACHINING WITH GRINDING WHEELS

    596 pages Francis Taylor Ioan Marinescu, Mike Hitchiner, Echart Uhlman, Brian Rowe, Ichiro Inaski authors.
    The first complete book on methods using grinding wheels in over a decade. Excellent work! Details

    Handbook of Advanced Ceramics Machining Handbook of Advanced Ceramics Machining

    365 pages CRC Press Edited by Ioan Marinescu
    State-of-the-art grinding of ceramics with contributors for all major world centers for machining of ceramics. Details

    Metalworking 2nd Edition HANDBOOK OF LAPPING AND POLISHING

    491 pages, Francis Taylor, Ioan Marinescu, Eckart Uhlmann, Toshiro, Doi authors
    A timely book bringing together the latest on ultra fine finishing and polishing with abrasives. Includes a comprehensive overview of chemical mechanical polishing/planarization methods. Details

    Metalworking 2nd Edition METALWORKING FLUIDS 2ND EDITION

    480 pages, Francis Taylor / STLE. Jerry P. Byer Editor.
    An update to a standard resource for applications of metalworking fluids for grinding, metalforming and machining. Chapters written by experts in fluid performance, testing, filtration, waste disposal, regulations,and more. Covers the basics of fluids, their selection and use as well as key issues such as government regulations Details

    Mass Finishing Handbook Mass Finishing Handbook

    504 pages Industrial Press by LaRoux Gillepie
    The first complete book on mass finishing ever published.Lastest is series of book on finishing and deburring by this renowned author. Hard copies are no longer available. Available as an E-book only. Details

    Precision Surface Finishing and Deburring Precision Surface Finishing and Deburring Techology

    400 pages Trans Tech Publications
    Technical papers from the 9th International Symposium. Details

    7th International Conference on DeBurring and Surface Finishing 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DEBURRING AND SURFACE FINISHING

    495 pages, University of California Berkeley. Sangkee Min editor
    International meeting focused on deburring technologies, edge finishing, burr formation and minimization, inspection and quality issues in precision manufacturing, process planning, and other topics related to burrs. Industry has well-established technologies to remove burrs and this book describes state-of-the-art. Details

    Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes TRIBOLOGY OF ABRASIVE MACHINING PROCESSES

    Edited by Ioan D. Marinescu et al. 650 pages, 2004 Noyes,
    A book that pulls together information scattered in hundreds of technical papers and conference proceedings about what is known about the way abrasives work. Discussion on kinematics, heat transfer, thermal stresses, molecular dynamics fluids and the tribology of lubricants. Details

    1st European Conference on Grinding 1st EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON GRINDING

    English edition Aachen, 6-7 November 2003 editors Dr. er,nat.K.Werner Prof. Dr.-Ing F. Klocke
    Trans Tech Publications.
    This conference continues the Grinding Colloquia held between 1997 and 2000 at Aachen and Bremen universities for exchange of experiences between industry and academia. Excellent range of articles from state-of-the-art to background resources Details

    Machining of Natural Stone Materials MACHINING OF NATURAL STONE MATERIALS

    Written and edited by Xipeng Xu
    Trans Tech Publications.
    a collection of 44 solicited technical papers from experts from seven countries. Shows the state-of-the-art for stone cutting technology. Many papers are goods sources on saw design and applications Details

    Advances in Abrasives Technology VI ADVANCES IN ABRASIVE TEHCNOLOGY VI

    The sixth volume in the series
    from Trans Tech Publications.
    This volume covers research reported at the 6th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasives Technology, which was coordinated by the University of Bristol, Cranfield University and Liverpoole John Moores University. The meeting was held at Bristol University in November 2003. As with other publications of Transtech individual papers are available. Details

    Advances in Abrasive Technology V ADVANCES IN ABRASIVE TEHCNOLOGY V

    A compilation edited by Yongsheng Gao
    Trans Tech Publications.
    Research activities reported at the 5th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasives Technology --Hong Kong in November 2002. Contents cover Micro Machining, Grinding of Brittle Materials, Measurement and Surface Quality, Coolants, Polishing, Grind Wheelss, Truing and Dressing, Novel Methods, and the Mechanics and Control of grinding processes. Also sold as individual papers Details

    Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Engineering Materials ABRASIVE WATERJET MACHINING OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS

    Written and edited by Jun Wang
    Trans Tech Publications.
    An excellent book for not only advanced but conventional materials. An authoritative work written to be a practical guide to using abrasive waterjet. .. Details

    Hand Deburring:Increasing Shop Productivity   
    .. half of the tools described in this book are abrasive products!
    Surfaces and Their Measurement      SURFACES AND THEIR MEASUREMENT
    .. the most comprehensive discussion of surface metrology in print.
    ...discussion of cause of burrs, international efforts to standardize burr technology, methods of controlling and removing burrs.

    ..fundamentals textbook useful for machinists who need to understand grinding
    ...experiences in grinding
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