Abrasives Powders

These companies produce or sell fine powders made from synthetic and natural minerals, diamond and CBN in particular. These powders are used in lapping, honing, polishing and other applications of loose abrasives. Most of these companies produce powder by crushing and carefully sizing abrasives mineral by proprietary technics. Powders with particle sizes measured in nanometers, for example abrasives used for some semiconductor applications, are prepared by special chemical methods that are substantially different from traditional mechanical technics.
Eastwind Lapidary Powders Eastwind Diamond Abrasives
      -- diamond mesh abrasives, discs and belts.
      -- Industrial diamond tools, diamond wheels, and CBN wheels, PCD and CBN tools, diamond powders, and other superabrasives.
Tomei Diamond Company Tomei Diamond Company
      -- Synthetic diamond abrasives for industry. Mesh, micron and submicron diamond and CBN powders as well as sintered superabrasive products.
Worldwide Superabrasives Worldwide Superabrasives
      -- Diamond and CBN abrasive and products
Superabrasive Techniques,Inc -products and consulting services     SAT  INC. Superabrasive Techniques, Inc.
      --Diamond, CBN, Superabrasive Wheels, and Open Structure, Vitrified Bonding Systems

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