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Eastwind Flexible Diamond Abrasives

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"Nothing can resist a diamond"

Flexible Diamond Abrasives for Industrial Uses

Flexible Diamond Abrasives

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives, a subsidiary of Eastwind Lapidary Inc. is located in historic Windsor, VT (USA) where the industrial revolution started. Based on years of research and development, Eastwind Diamond Abrasives offers
  • A complete line of patented flexible resin bond diamond abrasives.
  • Plated metal bond diamond-dot abrasives.
  • Diamond powder in various mesh and micron sizes.

    We have a trouble free, patented solution for even the toughest industrial sanding and polishing needs. It is no longer a greasy, tedious, and inexact process.

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    Flexible diamond abrasives, cbn, superabrasives, custom diamond abrasive belt and pad manufacturer

    Our patented products are designed for use on flame spray coatings, ceramics, glass, gemstones, hard nonmetallic materials, marble and other stone products. We stock micron and mesh sizes to fit most standard wet sanding machines and a line of flexible diamond-dot products that can be used wet or dry. Custom formulations are never a problem


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