Coated Abrasive Products
Belts, discs, pad, and specialty products made from flexible backed abrasives
Following are links to pages for companies that make familiar coated abrasives products in a myriad of different products that range from belts to flap wheels and other specialty products. Each has an abrasive grain bonded to a flexible backing material. Applications ranges for finishing and polishing to rapid materials removal. Related equipment varies for small handheld sanders to massive belt grinding used by metal manufacturers and fabricators. Many of the products sold by these companies can also be made with nonwoven abrasive materials. See also listing for related products
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Arc Abrasives   Arc Abrasives
      --Coated abrasive products, resin fibre discs and more.
      --Download our catalog
eastlogo3.jpg - 5345 Bytes Eastwind Diamond Abrasives
      --Diamond coated belts, discs,and flexible wheels.
Fandeli Abrasives Fandeli International
      --manufacture of jumbo rolls and converted coated abrasive products.
      --High quality surplus abrasives, tools and supplies.
NonWoven Abrasive Products
Belts, discs, pad, and specialty products made nonwoven materials. Rather than being attached on the surface of a flexible backings as coated abrasives, nonwonven abrasives have abrasive dispersed through out a nonwoven material. The variety of abrasive brushes include wire brushes to brushes made with abrasives impregnated into the individual bristles.
Manufacturers of nonwoven belts, sheets, pads, etc and brushes. Applications range for surface conditioning to material removal
      -- Abrasives, nonwoven abrasives, specialty abrasives, and more. DIRECT LINK

Contact wheels and other accessories used with coated abrasives belts
Following are links for companies that make tools, equipment and accessories used with coated abrasives.

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