Abrasive Grains--Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Diamond & CBN, Garnet

Below are companies that manufacture or sell abrasive grains that can be used as raw materials in a wide variety of bonded, coated, nonwoven and other products. With the exception of garnet, these items are synthetic minerals with very carefully controlled chemistries and surface characteristics. These minerals are also used in loose form for lapping, abrasive waterjet,and blasting cleaning applications. See also abrasive powders.
Washington Mills WASHINGTON MILLS      --Abrasive Minerals North American manufacturer and supplier of crude and finished abrasive minerals for all types of abrasive uses and applications.
H & X Abrasives      -- Abrasives alumiunim oxide, silicon carbide, and other minerals for abrasive applications.
Superabrasive Techniques,Inc -products and consulting services     SAT  INC. SUPERABRASIVE TECHNIQUES, INC.       --Diamond, CBN, Superabrasive Wheels, and Open Structure, Vitrified Bonding Systems

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